About Us

 The candor saladiens (yeah, we made that up) are two ladies out on a mission to discuss anything they find relevant, important, interesting, or simply amusing. If we had to choose (although the goal of this blog is not to!), we would narrow the topics down to human rights, fair trade practices, and health as these are what we are ardently passionate about.
We firmly believe in the inter-connectedness of all the topics to be covered on this blog. The issue of human rights is linked to trade practices, which in turn is linked to consumerism and the need for constant entertainment.  Our goal is to make these links apparent as well as to explore the small changes (ethical, financial, health, or other) we all can implement to further our desire for personal growth and social justice.
What this blog is:
A recognition (perhaps even a celebration!) of the fact that we all have many varied interests, and that’s certainly ok!
A forum for discussion of topics that we believe many need to be aware of, become involved in, or consider.
A place of no judgment, where everyone is welcome to express his or her opinions. As counselors, we can attest to the fact that there is an appropriate way to express one’s beliefs.
What this blog is not:
Expert opinions, as we are by no means experts. Our goal is to learn along with you as we determine who we are and what we stand for.
A venue for comments of malicious intent. Offensive remarks will not be tolerated and will be deleted. 

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