Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hope On The Horizon

Quick post folks; have you all heard about Apple partnering with the Fair Labor Association? Wahoo! A great step in the next horizon of ethical electronics!

Check it out: Apple joins labor monitor

Don't ever doubt the power of your words and beliefs folks!

- A

Monday, February 13, 2012

Needed Words During A Time Of Stress

I love how some good words, whether they be written or sung, can remind you of the lessons we often forget when 'life' takes over. Definitely feeling that this week but keeping my eye on the goal: increasing awareness and advocacy.

"We will take nothing for granted"

- A

The Right to Education

      Another discussion in the International Human Rights Law class made me ask an important question and add my own thoughts to it. And since you all are lucky, you get to read it!               

      What exactly does it mean to have the right to education or the right to work? I would think that the right to education entails the access to and opportunities for obtaining an education. However, it should not imply a successful completion of coursework (the right to a certain grade) or an actual degree. I am afraid that there is a misunderstanding in certain parts of the contemporary world between the idea of a right to the opportunity and access to good education and obtaining an actual degree. I do not want to make the statement that to be entitled to a right a person must perform some duties. However, if there is an access and an opportunity to obtain education, the person who does not complete the work necessary to obtain that education should not demand the degree. The right to education is the right to have education that is available, accessible, acceptable, and adaptable; it is not the right to obtain good grades by any means and receive a diploma. 
                - Krasi

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yes A., it is February already – the best month of them all! And not because it is the shortest month, but because some really awesome people were born exactly in February:)

Anyway, since I have been stuck inside my apartment since Thursday evening on account of the snow storm that hit Denver, I have had a lot of time not only to be productive but also to be searching for interesting happenings in the area. During one of my search attempts, I found out that one of the films the Denver Film Society is offering this month is MissRepresentation. What a coincidence since I had just added the film to my Netflix wishlist:) I might just go see it in the theatre, instead. And with women's month coming up, what a better way to celebrate who else but us, WOMEN!
For those of you interested in the topic of women empowerment and the dire need to fight for respect for women, here is the trailer:

-          Krasi

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome February!

Goodness it is February already?! I will leave you with this video to start off the month. It makes my heart happy perhaps because it shows how little our world really is.

Here's to a wonderful February!

- A