Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yes A., it is February already – the best month of them all! And not because it is the shortest month, but because some really awesome people were born exactly in February:)

Anyway, since I have been stuck inside my apartment since Thursday evening on account of the snow storm that hit Denver, I have had a lot of time not only to be productive but also to be searching for interesting happenings in the area. During one of my search attempts, I found out that one of the films the Denver Film Society is offering this month is MissRepresentation. What a coincidence since I had just added the film to my Netflix wishlist:) I might just go see it in the theatre, instead. And with women's month coming up, what a better way to celebrate who else but us, WOMEN!
For those of you interested in the topic of women empowerment and the dire need to fight for respect for women, here is the trailer:

-          Krasi

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