Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mindful Me

We all do it. It’s a fact of life. Consumption.  As a nation, we all spend a lot of money (debt crisis anyone?). While some of it we have to spend (i.e. housing, transportation) what about the rest? I want to become a mindful consumer; aware of what I’m buying, why I’m buying it, and where my money is going (not to unethical sweat shops!). This is quite a task and so, as a step in that direction, I am challenging myself to a 30 for 30 day challenge, a la Kendi. Clothing is one of my top discretionary spending categories and while I don’t plan on (or want to) stop spending completely, I would like to become more mindful and thankful for what I have. This challenge is intended to increase use of items already present in your closet by restricting use to only 30 items that are chosen before the challenge begins. Oh and there is no shopping for the month! (I can feel the cold shakes comin’ on already)
Here are my 30 items:

Dear readers, this is an example of balancing your beliefs and goals. Mine would be to balance my passion for fashion with my financial goals and ethical trade beliefs.
Wish me luck! February 1st is go time! 


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