Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fugue State

Hello there! Remember me? I apologize for my disappearance this past month. To rejog your memory, I was last planning a move to North Carolina. Well, mission accomplished and here I am in Raleigh, NC! The 1,200 + mile road trip was uneventful (read: boring). For your benefit, some things I learned planning this move:

1. When traveling with family, make sure to stay in a hotel with a free breakfast. Trying to wrangle up a group of tired and hungry folks to go 'out' for breakfast is not fun.

2. Snacks are ESSENTIAL but when the bags of snacks outnumber the folks in the car, you may have gone overboard.

3. Saving money is great. Saving money by parking your car overnight in a public parking lot rather than the $25 hotel parking and then staying up all night worrying about your car...maybe not worth it? (Although, what is up with hotels charging double digits for parking?!!)

4. Double check the address you put in your GPS....if not, you may just end up at a private residence, thinking 'is the Target in there???'

Did I miss anything? Anybody else out there that has moved out of state?

- A

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