Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year

Happy 2012 everyone!

After a three-week vacation among family and friends, I am back in Denver and facing what seems to be a very busy and exciting winter quarter. A few interesting courses to look forward to include the International Law and Human Rights and the History, Culture, and Conflict course which will include a section on the history of witches! Now that’s something that definitely sparks my curiosity:). I am sure both of these courses will provide enough fodder for at least a few entries on this blog so don’t miss out!

Another amazing activity that appears on my agenda this new year is the Human Trafficking Clinic. Yes, I have been accepted as an Associate and will participate in rigorous research on an individual project in the field of human trafficking and will collaborate with the rest of the HTC team to spread awareness, increase knowledge about and advocate for victims of human trafficking. Can’t wait!

As I have realized that will probably be extremely busy this quarter and will be once again inundated with readings and films on depressing topics from the field of human rights, to somewhat keep my sanity intact I am planning to participate in events organized by the DU Alpine Club and the Korbel Climb group. Climbing, hiking, and other outdoor activities will certainly help me stay focused and relaxed and I am looking forward for some new adventures.

Before I leave you today, here are some nice snowy pictures from Bulgaria:

- Krasi

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