Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happiness? I Deserve It!

To piggyback on Krasi's previous post: Everything is amazing and no  one is happy, I wanted to speak to what I think is one of the reasons why we're not happy: entitlement.

The hilarious video that Krasi posted of Louis C.K. has him saying at the end, "...how quickly the world owes him something he knew existed only 10 seconds ago..."

I see this sentiment everyday in marketing, with my friends, even in myself! How many of you have seen those silly AT&T commercials where everyone who doesn't have AT&T is made to look stupid because they don't have super fast service and so they're not updated to the nanosecond on happenings. I mean lets get real: if you really are like any of those people in the commercials, glued to your electronics to the point that knowing something seconds before others do is super important, I would say ya gots issues folks.

We have so many great things now but we take them for granted. I think America needs a reality check. If you agree with me, please go check this out: Global Rich List.

The minute we become entitled,  we stop working for it: whether it be cool duds, building relationships or happiness. We expect that those things will happen because, duh, why wouldn't they?

Life is work. Relationships are work. Happiness is work. This sense of entitlement we've come to have is, in my opinion, the reason we're unhappy.

So what's the solution? I'm certainly not endorsing going technology free. All I'm saying is lets be conscious: why do I need to buy this gadget? Why do I have to stand in line for this other one? Do I really need five different electronics to live my life?

I also think a hefty dose of humility is important and that comes from advocating to make people's lives better: whether overseas or in the United States.

What do you all think? Are we crazy entitled in the U.S. (or the West)? What do you do to stay grounded?

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  1. Entitled, yes! In the West, unfortunately not only. The idea of entitlements is quickly spreading around the world and worst of all, it is lumped with the ideas of human rights. People are so obsessed with demanding everything really that the true goal of the human rights regime has become invisible. Krasi