Friday, April 27, 2012

National Park Week 2012

So it is National Park Week and what is more appropriate than sharing pictures of some of the national parks I have visited in the US. So far, there are only three, but perhaps by next year’s National Park Week, that number would have increased. Actually, I am counting on it!

Sometimes I feel disappointed that there is a need for national parks, mostly because that highlights the urgency to protect nature from people’s insatiable desire to destroy it for their immediate gratification and convenience. I have been called a tree hugger before, meant to be an insult I might say, but I will stand by that title because I really do not want the children of the future to ask their parents, “Mom, Dad, what were trees like?”

Rocky Mountain National Park 

Zion National Park 

 Grand Canyon

For more amazing pictures, please visit National Geographic.  

 - Krasi

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