Saturday, July 28, 2012

National Dance Day

It’s National Dance Day and what a better way to acknowledge the occasion than to take a break from whatever is overwhelming, worrying, or simply annoying you and join in on the fun with thousands of people across the globe (or at least around the United States). Similar to what they did last year, the creators of So You Think You Can Dance (my favorite show ever!) have offered a selection of routines for those interested to learn a few moves and relax. Being the great person that I am, I have posted these below. As James Brown would say, “Get up offa that thing/And dance till you feel better.”


Hip-Hop Master Class 

 - Krasi


  1. You're gonna have to come with me to Zumba when you get here!!!

    - A

  2. There's no need to even convince me on that one!:) Krasi