Friday, June 1, 2012

International Children's Day

I can attest to the fact that holidays and opportunities for celebration were not in short supply when I was growing up. However, there was one day every year that was by far the most exciting and expected holiday by any kid in school. No, I am not referring to my birthday and the opportunity to eat my mother’s homemade cake and other scrumptious desserts:). That day was definitely one of the highlights during the school year, but what I am focusing on in this post is Children’s Day celebrated on June 1st

On that day, school was out and we all got to play our preferred games outside. My favorite event of the day, however, was when teachers would bring out color chalk and let us draw what we wanted to on the street. A whole street would be blocked off so each child could have all the space to create his or her masterpiece. This was no ordinary experience as the opportunity for sidewalk drawings, common today, was not really an option when I was a kid. 

Fun fact: all drivers are supposed to drive with the lights on June 1st to signify extra alertness when it comes to child safety.

No matter how old I become, I will always keep memories of a great childhood with me, June 1st will forever be Children’s Day and bring out wonderful recollections of summers spent outside running and laughing, playing dodge ball or jumping jacks, chasing each other in wide-open fields, as well as of winters spent sliding down hills on pieces of plastic and getting soaked from the snow melting on our clothes. Good times! I have no idea what children nowadays do to have fun, but from what I hear, it is not even close to what I was fortunate enough to have. 

And here is my absolutely favorite childhood song from the 1981 Bulgarian film Unexpected Vacation. Sorry if you don’t speak Bulgarian:)

Happy Children's Day to all of you still kids at heart!

-          Krasi  

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