Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer 2012

I just submitted two of the four final papers I have due for spring quarter 2012 and I am trying to find the motivation to finish the other two by Friday and have my first year as an International Human Rights student officially completed. Yep, it is certainly time for a summer full of adventures, a great internship, and some well-deserved rest!

Even though the majority of the Korbel students are off to pursue wonderful opportunities at a variety of international internships all over the world, some of us are staying locally in Denver and are looking forward to having some nature time. With the Rocky Mountains nearby, the expectation is that this is not to be a difficult goal to achieve. In addition, I am not giving out details, but there is an amazing road trip in the works and the number of national parks visited by me is about to grow:)

Hiking, camping, and mountain-exploring are not the only items on the summer agenda, however. Starting on June 14, I will begin my internship at the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking and become directly involved in the fight against human trafficking by contributing as a research assistant and an advocate. Hopefully, the relationships built and the information acquired will also be fundamental to the completion of my HTC research project. 

Between the adventurous trips and productive work, enjoying shows and films that have nothing to do with genocide, war, or torture, reading at least some of the books on my to-read list, researching internship opportunities in DC, and contributing to this blog are other activities I am determined to engage in. Oh yes, it is time for great two and a half months of summer!

Just need to finish the remaining two papers first…

-          Krasi

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