Tuesday, October 16, 2012

HT News

Newsflash: human trafficking is certainly the issue of the day and suddenly it is no longer that hard to find tidbits of information on any major, and minor, news site. Not all entries really contribute to the further understanding of the issue and some actually reinforce myths about it! Here are some of the more interesting reports from the last week or so. 

1. "Washington nurse observes teen patients for signs of sex trafficking." To view the entire article, click here.    

2. "Lawmakers demand action from former Village Voice executives." This one is of a particular interest to me since one of the major concerns Courtney's House has is the role Backpage plays in the facilitation of domestic minor sex trafficking. To access the entire article, click here.  

3. "Assemblywoman Huttle wants tougher trafficking laws." What grabbed my attention in the case of this piece of news is the fact that people are starting to pay attention to big sporting events and the role they play in the continued exploitation of thousands of men and women, and I don't mean the athletes. I have mentioned the topic in a previous post, but I do not think much is currently being done to address the problem. To read the article, click here

4. Lastly, international news: Qatar Legal Clinic Opened. 

 - Krasi

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