Sunday, October 7, 2012

Human Trafficking News This Week

Good day fellow abolitionists! Just found a few nuggets of valuable information on human trafficking and decided to share. 

October is domestic violence awareness month and several activists are coming out discussing the connection between human trafficking and domestic violence. I actually had the wonderful opportunity to listen to a presentation on the issue in the beginning of this year and it is great to find out that the number of people interested in the issue is steadily growing. An interesting blog post on the topic could be found here

As many of you know, I am a self-proclaimed chocaholic and therefore, it is often super hard to restrict my chocolate intake. Realizing, however, that the cocoa industry is one of the biggest stages for potential and realized child labour, I have decided to be conscious about the chocolates I buy and make sure I do not eat someone's child’s blood, sweat, and tears. As a result, I have long sworn off Hershey’s kisses! It seems that the company’s management is finally coming to its senses and realizing that customers demand fair practices, no child labour, and fair pay. Let’s see how far that commitment goes. For additional details, click here

That would be all for today (a gloomy and rainy Sunday in DC), but be sure I will be keeping you posted on any new developments from and around the anti trafficking world! 

-      Krasi

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