Monday, November 12, 2012

Gilder Lehrman Center's 14th Annual International Conference

This past Thursday, my colleague, Jody, and I drove a little over 300 miles to get to New Haven, CT and attend Yale University's Gilder Lehrman Center's 14th Annual International Conference entitled Abolition, Past and Present: Scholars, Activists, and the Challenge of Contemporary Slavery.

Aside from the opportunity for another long-distance long trip, I was equally, if not more, excited about meeting and hearing in person the people whose books I’ve read and considered in my research and work on issues pertaining to the human trafficking field. Not to mention the amount of interesting and thought-provoking information I was ultimately able to attain!

The array of panelists included many notable in the anti-human trafficking field individuals such as author and researcher Siddharth Kara, co-founder of Free the Slaves Kavin Bales, investigative journalist Ben Skinner, the director of Anti-Slavery International Aidan McQuade, and many other prominent academics, lawyers, historians, activists, and even former slave Jean-Robert Cadet.

In the course of the two packed with presentations and panel discussions days, several different themes emerged that went beyond the boundaries of each individual presentation or discussion. Because I consider each of these themes important, I have decided to develop a post on each one. Expect these in the upcoming weeks.

Let the sharing of information begin!

-      Krasi



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