Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Week

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet! It's Earth Week folks! Tomorrow Friday April 22nd is Earth Day! How will you be celebrating?

I recently came upon this website where you answer a few questions and it calculates your carbon footprint and other measurements of what your impact is on the planet.

Well I did mine and I received a 5.69 meaning if everyone on the planet were to follow my lifestyle, we would need 5.69 Earths. Ouch. I can't tell if that is below or above the national average as that statistic is not shown on the website but regardless of where I stand relative to others, I know that is a number I need to work on.
Some suggestions made by the interactive quiz to reduce my impact:

- Drive less (I live in Houston, not easy to do)
- Choose sustainable design features for my home (I have long been wanting to get solar panels)
- Take shorter showers (I definitely am going to work on this. I've reduced my time to 30 minutes but my goal is now going to be 15 minutes)
- Buy recycled products (I already do this with paper towels but I want to start looking for clothes and home goods that are made from recycled products and start 'thrifting' more in order to consume less new and shiny things)

What about you guys? Have you taken the quiz? Do you already do the things I mentioned above?


Earth Day Events

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