Monday, April 4, 2011


....feet that is! Tuesday April 5th is One Day Without Shoes, a movement started by Toms Shoes. This wonderful organization sells shoes (that are super comfortable I hear!) for a philanthropic cause: for every pair bought, they give a pair to a child in need. How great is that?! You can buy online and I personally have spotted them at Whole Foods.

So the premise of the event is to go one day without shoes. Simple, right? There are events being held across the nation so be sure to check out the website to find one near you! As for me, I don't think the boss would take kindly to me walking around barefoot so I will be participating in the Virtual Without Shoes event.

Shoes are one of the many many things we take for granted. Can you imagine walking miles without shoes? Playing games without shoes? Walking in the extremely hot summer sun without shoes? People are picking up entirely preventable diseases from walking around barefoot.

What do you guys think, will you be participating in the event? Do you own a pair of Toms shoes?

- A

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