Saturday, April 9, 2011

Houston Indie Book Festival

Last Saturday, A and I spend some time at the Houston Indie Book Festival. I definitely enjoyed it and even though there were many books I wanted to buy, taking into consideration the limited time for reading I have, I only bought a couple. I guess it’s true: so many books and so little time to read them all!

One aspect of the festival was certain – there was a genre/topic/story for a plethora of tastes. During the past one week, I spent some time (not as much as I would’ve liked but such is the fate of the working Homo Sapiens) reviewing the websites/blogs of many of the authors, publishers and groups we had the chance to talk to and have included their information below. Enjoy!

Cathy Clay: A first-time published writer who I absolutely had to support in her endeavor and, as such, bought her first book. Managed to obtain an autograph as well:). 

Betty Gordon: Author of mystery novels

Anne Marie Novark –“Old-fashioned Romance with a whole lot of sizzle…”

Cornelia Amiri: Celtic Romance Queen

Inprint: Inspiring readers and writers

CLAW – Clear Lake Area Writers

-          Krasi

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