Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enjoying Life

Five years ago I made a promise to myself that I will try my best to visit at least one new place every year. I have so far managed to successfully keep this promise. This past week, however, I really outdid myself by visiting three new locations during one 10-day trip. I absolutely enjoyed each one of them and vouched to go back one day. 

The reason I mention my passion for traveling is not to simply brag about my exciting trip (although I can't hide that it was fantastic!:). I am more amazed by the reaction some people give me when I tell them about the trip. There are certain personalities who place the emphasis on the fact that I am so lucky to be able to do it. All I want to tell them is that it has nothing to do with luck, or money, or time. I am a strong believer that if a person wants to do something, then s/he finds a way to accomplish it. And in the big scheme of life, there is really nothing more important than leading a meaningful and enjoyable life. I am certainly no follower of the belief in reincarnation and having the chance to do it all over again so I encourage all to enjoy life now while they have it and while they can. 

It is just sad that so many young people feel bored, anemic, annoyed, dissatisfied and empty. They go through life as if it is a chore. Or worse, they go through current situations dismissing them as an annoyance and convincing themselves that one day, luck will strike and they will enjoy what they think they want, or need. Such a waste of precious time! Didn’t someone famous state that there is no time as the present? The best part is each individual has the power to make it whatever they want it to be.  No one has to wait for the ideal job, or for the ideal family, or for the ideal lifestyle to start living and enjoying life. Seriously, waiting is just a waste of time. 

Anyway, I am certainly not waiting and I try to do what I enjoy as often as I can. And if anyone else is interested in traveling and spending time in the outdoors, below are the places I visited during my trip. I guarantee you’ll find them absolutely phenomenal!





                     - Krasi

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