Sunday, June 26, 2011

Everyday Superheroes

It might be a little known fact that I am not a fan of superheroes [read: Superman, Fantastic Four, Spider-man etc.], as portrayed by the popular media. And as with all else, I have one really good reason for that well-established dislike. The reason lies in the inherent idea that superheroes/heroines have certain special powers that make them stronger than the common person and as such, more fit to fight the evils of the world. 

I have always been much fonder of heroes, such as Robin Hood and Zorro, mostly because they are all humans with no special superpowers who go over and beyond to prevent injustice. They do not have the power to become invisible or fly or rotate the earth backwards. But they sure have the right skills to make those hungry for power, abuse, and lawlessness suffer the consequences. Most importantly, they strengthen other individuals’ hope and belief that regular people can be powerful too.

What, you ask, caused that rant against the so beloved superheroes of comics and movies? Well, since you asked [I do not hear voices, I swear!:)], it was the video of the “crazy mom” that circulated through all the major TV stations this past week. This is a mom who sees three guys stealing and no one intervening so she runs, jumps on their car (yes, you read correctly) and tries to stop them. She was not seriously hurt and the culprits were later apprehended. The video of this mom reminds me of the episodes of What Would You Do?. Similar shows and mothers like the one mentioned above confirm my believe that there are everyday superheroes and super heroines amongst us and solidify the idea that one does not need a superpower to prevent injustice; all one needs is a strong sense of justice, courage to stand up for what’s right, and oh well, an ounce of insanity. Count me in I say! 

         - Krasi

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