Friday, June 3, 2011

The Help

If you haven't read The Help yet, I highly recommend you do! While watching Oprah's last show (*tear) I saw a preview and was *literally* squealing with delight (don't judge). While I know that it will not be as good as the book (when are they ever?) I am looking forward to it! August 12 has been earmarked in my Blackberry (again, don't judge).

The Help follows three courageous women and some not so nice *bleep bleep bleeps* in pre-Civil Rights Mississippi. Skeeter, a young unmarried *oh the horror* woman decides she wants to write a book on the experiences of the African American house maids. Two brave maids choose to participate even though it is extremely dangerous to talk about. Events in the book illustrate what happens when good people stand by and do nothing and the inevitability of good to win (not without some casualties though). The book made me cry, made me violently angry, and made me hopeful that we can all affect change individually. It may seem like 'those times' are behind us but look around: there is always injustice in the world. Opportunities to stand up for what is right are abundant. What are you going to do about it?

Have you read the book? What did you think? Will you be watching the movie?

- A

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