Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Green

One goal that I decided to set for myself ever since I bought a car last year, and consequently increased my carbon footprint, is to try and live green to my best ability. I have researched the issue and started going regularly to a local Farmers Market to obtain delicious produce and support local farmers. I also started recycling everything that could be recycled. Before becoming hard-core environmentalist, however, there are a few simple actions that can be taken toward becoming green. I have listed the ones I am currently working on, but these are definitely not the only ones. 

To reduce paper use, take no receipts when possible, especially at gas stations.

No bottled water. I mean, seriously.  Bottled water is in many cases no better than what we can access from the tap and the plastic bottles it comes in are a huge hit on sustainability and being green. A couple of easy-achieved alternatives to bottled water are purifiers (which could be recycled) and reusable bottles that could be refilled for the road, work, etc. 

As a follow-up to point #2, no Styrofoam cups please. Bring your own coffee mug to work and help save the planet. 

Another easy way to avoid plastic products is to bring your own utensils from home instead of using plastic ones at work.  

Choose a reusable bag when shopping please! Keep a couple in your car so you can never forget to bring it along (I’ve heard that excuse before). Also, if you must use a plastic bag in the store (e.g., for fresh vegetables), keep it and bring it back next time you shop and re-use it. 

Reduce your use of paper towels and opt for cloth towels that can easily be washed with a regular load of laundry without taking any extra water. 

If you use a lot of sandwich plastic bags regularly, you might want to consider containers instead that could be washed and re-used. 

This is just a basic list of small actions anyone can easily take toward the road to becoming green. If you have other suggestions or something that you do, please do not be shy and share them with us!

-          Krasi

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