Monday, March 21, 2011

Feel good time

Krasi recently wrote a post about volunteering and organizations in Houston that one can volunteer at. Well today I would like to follow up and add to that list. All of these organizations are wonderful and add to the community through the variety of missions. While in college, I was involved in an organization that required members to complete a certain amount of volunteer hours. This came out to about an hour a week. While volunteering in any way (sporadically, one time event, regularly) is wonderful, I found that becoming a 'regular' at an organization took the experience to another level. If I was tutoring children in an under-served area, those kids became my friends and I looked forward to seeing them as they did me. While packing food for the under-nourished, I became grateful for what I had and was in awe at how much people gave (unfortunately, many people still go hungry). While I don't volunteer as regularly as I used to (it's on my list for 2011!) I can't stress enough the importance of giving of yourself and your time. Not only will the people you're helping benefit but you'll also gain experience, perspective, and even new friends!

Now on to the list of Houston organizations that can use your help!

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Houston Food Bank

Harris County Citizen Corps

Memorial Hermann

Interfaith Ministries

Boys & Girls Club

Do you guys volunteer? What are your favorite organizations to volunteer for?

- A

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