Friday, July 1, 2011


As I've alluded to previously, there has been a lot going on over here at C.Salad central. I'm movin folks! Where to? Raleigh, NC! You see, the reason I was there earlier this year was for an interview for a doctoral program. In case you're wondering, yes, I got in. I do trust your deductive reasoning skills enough that you would have figured that out...{she's moving to Raleigh, went there for an interview...[lightbulb] she got in!} but wanted to make it clear just in case you're having an off day.

I'll be leaving late July and let me tell you, moving across the country (Texas -> NC) is no joke! So much to think about and I have felt overwhelmed the past two months hence my irregular posting here. Well the time is drawing nearer and I've procured an apartment and have decided I will drive there WITHOUT a trailer {I hate you Uhaul for not renting out trailer hitches anymore. Why the heck would I want to BUY a trailer hitch for my lil' ole Corolla?!!!}

So I don't know what I'm not looking forward to more: the 1200 mile trip with my family (5 of us total) or the 1200 mile trip with my family.

So that's really not my family but I can't help but think of this movie when I think of the trip. The top caption measures my sentiments exactly.

Or maybe its being matched up with a roommate. You know how hard it is to not be snarky when the apartment company tells you how they match up roommates? Did I mention I'm a counselor? The sentence 'can I please provide your company with a valid, reliable personality match test to use' almost came out of my mouth but since I don't want them to hate me (yet) I shut it. According to Krasi, I need to set the ground rules on day one so I'll be practicing my 'I mean business' and 'Don't you dare eat my dark chocolate almond butter' looks for the next month.

Any tips for a gal moving across the country? Dealing with a roommate I don't get to pick? And why does this keep running through my head:

- A

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