Saturday, July 16, 2011

National Dance Day

So you think you can dance? Then you should certainly show us your mad skills by participating in this year’s National Dance Day on July 30. This is the second year the official celebration will be recognized and thousands of people are expected to join. Will one of them be you? 

The celebration was proposed last year and carried out by the people behind my favorite show of all times So You Think You can Dance. The idea is to urge people to join in on the fun and become active. What a better way to get in shape than to enjoy music and dance? This year, some of the judges from the show have created three dance routines – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – and anyone interested can learn them and post a video on the website or join the judges in participating Six Flags across the country. Or you can just start your own dance crew and hit the streets on July 30 wherever you are:).  I have posted the routines below so please, don’t be shy and get to dancing!

Everybody Dance



 - Krasi

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