Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence, yes; for all, not quite so.

On the day when millions of Americans celebrate their independence, I, instead, am thinking of the millions of people who are as far from living independent lives as they could be. These are the modern-day slaves, abused, exploited, and enslaved, working to produce what we, the ones who still have a choice, buy and use on an everyday basis. Having a choice, however, implies that we also have the choice not to buy products made from slaves. While perusing the Anti-Slavery International (the oldest human rights organization, founded in 1839!) website earlier today, I came across a great visualization of products made from slaves around the globe. Interested in educating yourself on what could be the result of slave labour so that you choose not to purchase it? Here is your chance: Products of Slavery

While many products are made by people who are paid nothing, there are luckily some made by former slaves. The purchase of such products supports those former slaves in their endeavor to provide normal livelihood to their families. Personally, I have several birthdays to attend this month and I certainly would be looking into buying some of those products. Enjoy: Made by Survivors.  

 - Krasi

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