Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A "Bad" Day

Ever since the quarter ended, I have tried really hard to be productive by reading some of the materials for next quarter, tutoring, and cleaning (it was about time on that last one!). However, following the three months of watching depressing films on genocide and human trafficking, I am now spending a lot of time watching all kinds of TV shows. One of the Grey’s Anatomy episodes I recently watched mentioned the theme of having a bad day, or what a bad day truly is, and of course, that got me thinking.

Most people, including me, tend to claim, with somewhat of an ease I might add, that they have had a bad day when their bus is late, when someone spills coffee on the new shirt, when the boss yells at them, or when any other such mundane and quite common occurrence takes place. If we really think about it, however, all of the above together should hardly constitute a bad day. Unfortunately, we realize that the above are not even close to having a bad day only when something really terrible happens. We receive a call that a close friend or relative is seriously injured or was killed in a car accident. We find out that we have been laid off with no prospects for a new job. In those moments, we know what a bad day really is. And we wish the bus was late and that were the only “bad” event for the day. 

My point is, people should seriously reconsider their over-use of the “I am having a really bad day” phrase. Because most of the time, we are just having a regular day with common episodes happening to many of us. Spilling coffee is not a bad day; it is simply just another day. Smile, buy a new coffee or a new shirt, and move on!

 - Krasi

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