Monday, November 21, 2011


This is how my desk area has looked like for the past several weeks:

Lots of reading and lots of writing are certainly the most devoted companions to every graduate student. What prompted me to write this post, however, is not the level of work required in a graduate school, but the thoughts I caught myself having about wanting the quarter to be over. Who hasn’t had those thoughts? Many people go through their daily lives wishing for work to be over, for school to be over, for the mandatory meeting to be over, for chores to be over, for anything mundane to be over. What we don’t realize is that what we truly ask for is for our lives to pass us by as quickly as possible. As unpleasant as the completion of some activities we engage in might seem, they are not simply a part of our lives; they are our lives, our experiences, and make us the people we are. Consequently, even though it is going to be hard, I am planning to do my best to not wish ‘things’ to be over (even if 'the thing' is a statistics class…:) and would rather enjoy and cherish every little boring happening in my life! Maybe then I'll realize that nothing is as boring as we make it out to be.

A great example of what really happens when we wish for so-deemed unpleasant events and occurrences to be over is the movie Click. Adam Sandler is funny and he presents another full of jokes production, but what makes me love this movie is the underlying message of the danger of wishing our lives away. So if you have not already done so, and even if you have, I encourage you to watch the movie. And what better time to do this than right now:)

- Krasi

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