Thursday, February 3, 2011

Texas Panic

Texans do not like cold. Nor are we ready for it. So when the temperature drops below 50 and there is a freeze/snow warning, there ensues a quiet panic. Home Depots across the city are being visited to ensure that pipes are properly insulated; drivers are staying at home to avoid these hazardous conditions (which is ok by me...makes my commute muuuuuuuch faster!); those of us who venture out into this harsh, unknown world can't stop complaining how cold it is (while we walk around in our thin sweaters, coats {what we know as coats you Northerners would call a light Fall jacket}, no hats, no gloves). Aye we Texans (and I would say a lot of Southerners) are a strange bunch. Don't judge. It is all we know.

Oh look, one of those Texans I was talking about. Posing for pictures in 20 degree weather with two thin layers on presented quite the predicament so in lieu of pretty outdoor shots, indoor (aka warm) shots will have to do.

We had better get some snow! If I have to deal with this cold weather, only snow can make it worthwhile!

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