Friday, February 18, 2011

Volunteers needed! Anyone?

People who know me can vouch that I am a strong proponent of volunteer involvement. Not for one’s resume and not just for outward appearances. I believe in volunteering as an opportunity to fight for a cause one believes in, a chance to make a difference, to grow up and become a true human. And unless you are living in a cave, you must definitely be aware that there is certainly no shortage of issues to be concerned about. As a mere mortal (I know it’s hard to believe, but I am no super hero:), I cannot spare the time and effort to support and assist all. But I can pick a battle or two and fight them with all my passion and dedication. I suggest that every person should do the same. 

Donating is one common way people become involved with causes of interest. But if you are a hands-on person, such as me, here is some information for how you can become involved.  Below are some organizations always looking for volunteers in the Houston area and that were represented at the Volunteer Fair at Houston Community College this past Tuesday.

CROSSROADS: Interested in making a difference in the lives of youth, becoming a role model for them and showing them a variety of opportunities they have? Then this is the place for you. Volunteers work one-to-one with at-risk children and one year commitment is preferred.

Project C.U.R.E.: If the global health crisis is what you are concerned about, consider joining this organization in its mission to deliver medical supplies to children, women and men who live in abject poverty and cannot afford to take care of basic medical needs.

Habitat for Humanity is one organization that certainly needs as many handy hands as possible:). And for those of you not interested in wielding a hammer, or other such potentially dangerous instruments, the organization needs people for assistance with clerical/office duties. 

Lighthouse of Houston: Whether you are looking for a weekly engagement or once-a-year involvement, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. Some of the volunteer activities include home visits (for assistance with grocery shopping, mail reading, letter writing), medical transportation aide, telephone reassurance, and adult basic education tutoring. 

Houston Public Library: Love books? Want to help other people love them too? This is the hub for you then. HPL needs volunteers on a constant basis and some of the possible positions include: bookshelvers, clerical/data entry assistants, computer training instructors in both English and Spanish, crafts assistants, ESOL teachers, and research assistant. 

The Salvation Army: This is one organization that does not need a lengthy introduction. It provides a variety of opportunities to work with children or adults. Volunteer opportunities include: hosting a fun field day for kids, teach life skills and job interview skills to women at a shelter for single women, teach computer skills, tutoring, delivering meals, and playing Bingo with seniors. 

Houston Museum District: Can’t think of a more exciting and educational place to volunteer (I might have to consider that myself…:). Volunteer opportunities include: greeting museum visitors, sorting and organizing in the donation center, and participation in park beautification projects in Friendswood. 

So knock yourselves out and become a volunteer!

- Krasi

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