Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is the matter with the overuse of air conditioners in Houston?

Ok, I admit it, the major reason I moved to Houston is because I was seriously fed up with the asperity of West Virginian winters. Yes, I have heard the saying that there is no bad weather, there is only inappropriate clothing. But I don’t care what people wear, the freezing Appalachian winds will have an easy task turning them, with the speed of light at that, into nice, cold, and grumpy icicles.

Having been in Houston for four and a half years, though, a disturbing habit is making me reconsider the decision to move down south for a warmer and more pleasant climate. Anyone who’s ever been to Houston is aware that winters are usually mild while summers are hot, unbearably humid, and last about eight to nine months of the year (or at least it seems as if they do…). However, if you are like the majority of Houston residents and spend most of your time at work or in school, you will find a use for your winter clothes any day of summer. Courtesy: the mighty air conditioner. So glad I kept some of my sweaters and jackets when I made that move from East Coast! 

Currently, it is winter and I hear many people state (Should I write exclaim?), as they watch the news about severe weather in the northern and East Coast states, that they are so happy they live in Houston where severe weather is when the temperature falls below freezing for a little longer than 5 minutes. Yet, in summer, those same people accept freezing in the office/classroom/car/store/bus as a normal, if not a required, occurrence.   

Call me particular, but I prefer to be cold in the winter and warm in the summer. Or at least, to not have to wear two sets of clothes at all times to help me survive the heat and humidity of  the outside and the frigid air of the indoors. 

- K

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