Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Said There are no Rocks in Houston?

When I moved to Houston four and a half years ago, the last adventure I was expecting to embark on was a rock climbing event. Imagine my surprise when I found out that not only one can do some serious climbing in Houston, but there is an actual climbing group consisting of some pretty serious climbers. Texas Mountain Raiders changed my life and gave me the opportunity to join an activity that I had dreamed about for years but never felt confident enough to consider. I would strongly recommend to anyone interested - beginners are certainly welcome:). The activity will provide an opportunity to practice rock climbing in a very flat Houston and will give you a chance to spend time with amazing people who are likely to enjoy cracking jokes as much as they enjoy climbing cracks:). And you certainly can't beat keeping fit while having fun!

So yes, technically, there are no rocks, mountains or even hills in Houston, but there are certainly places to start climbing and become better.

Here some places in Houston I encourage you to visit. 

And for those interested in the outdoors

- Krasi

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